The Amazing Pools of Kayak Pools Midwest

When you choose a Kayak pool, you are investing in more than a half-century of dedication to making backyard vacations the very best they can be. An above ground pool from Kayak Pools Midwest represents pool technology you can’t beat, and a value you won’t believe!

Installation Options

Pool Shape

The Kayak Pool comes in one shape – the rectangle, because it is most conducive to water sports, lounging, socializing, entertaining, relaxing, and anything else you want to do in your pool. The rectangle shape combined with the Pool Wall technology makes it durable and built to withstand anything you can dish out throughout your years of fun in the sun.


Pool Size Options

The Kayak Pool comes in the four standard sizes below but you can also customize the size if you require something different. Want a lap pool? Get a custom size for the perfect workout.

12ft x 20ft

12ft x 24ft

16ft x 24ft

16ft x 32ft



Deck Configurationskayak-deck-options

Depending on your home, backyard, lifestyle and budget, the Kayak Pool has the perfect deck configuration. Choose one or several of the options below:

T-Deck – provides ample room for lounge chairs or a patio set

Walk-Around Deck – allows access to the pool from all sides

L-Deck – accommodates a grill or other outdoor furniture

Single End Deck – works well for recessed pools for easy entry

Full Side Deck – also a favorite for recessed or inground pool installations



Deck Finish Options

kayak-pool-deck-finish-color-optionsThe Kayak Pool deck is functional and stylish with three beautiful finish options:

Tan, Blue, and Grey. Choose the one that fits best with your home and the look you desire.



Pool Liner

The Kayak Pool Liner has an ultra-violet ray inhibitor which prevents deterioration. It also features an anti-bacterial chemical that retards the growth of fungus, mildew and algae.

Our pool liners are made with materials stronger than most inground pools. It has a heavy virgin vinyl liner (25 ml.) with no reprocessed plastics added. It has double welded overlapped seams – whereas most liners use far weaker welding methods. There are no seams in pressure areas which adds additional strength and has beading for easy installation and durability. This is why we can offer an unsurpassed 30 year warranty!